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Lao People’s Army History Museum

King FaNgum commanding his men to conquer Vientiane City in 1353.
Air Defence Control Radar: Air Defence Corps of the Lao People’s Liberation Army used this radar to provide effective defence against air targets that enter into airspace of Laos. Especially in 1987-1988 the radar was used to provide effective defence of the airspace over Botene District, Xayabouly Province, in target detection and location so that our Air Defence Units could shoot down 11 enemy’s aircrafts.
The Zil 131 truck made in USSR: The Vehicle Repaired Company of Battallion 401 used this truck in mission of mobile repairing some broken vehicles on various roads in the six northern provinces. Especially in the Liberated Operation of Nakhang, Houaphanh Province, in 1968 and the Koukiet and Thanoungkiet Operations in Xiengkhuang Province in 1969 to 1970. The truck was then used in mission as mobile emergency repairing dozens of broken vehicles along the Road No.7 from Vietnam’s border to Nonghaed and to the Plain of Jars.
AN2 Aircraft (Antonok) made in USSR: The Aviation Division of the Lao Patriotic Front used this aircraft to deliver food stuff and military equipment from Viengxay to Hanoi, to Vientiane, and other provinces like Luangprabang and Xiengkhuang in 1973. Especially, Prince Souphanouvong and other leaders of Lao Patriotic Front Centre used the aircraft to fly to hold talk with Vientiane Government on 3/4/1974.
Mi8 Helicopter made in USSR: The Aviation Division of Lao Patriotic Front used this helicopter at Viengxay District in 1974 to deliver cadres and combattants to train in Vietnam. On July 26, 1974 the helicopter was used to deliver foodstuffs to cadres and combattants in the two urbans of Vientiane and Luangprabang. Especially, in 1984 the helicopter was used to support the Combat Operation of Three Villages at Paklay District, Xayabouly Province. In 1987-1988, the helicopter was also used to deliver weapons and military equipment for local soldiers in supporting the Operation of Botene District, Xayabouly Province.
The 122mm Howitzer Gun made in USSR: Battalion 605 used this gun with 130 mm Howitzer Gun and 85mm Mortar to destroy enemy’s camps in the Koukiet and Thanongkiet Operations and destroy the Airport of Vangpao’s troops at Xamthong – Longchaeng in 1972. Then the gun was used to fight in the Operation of Opening Road No.7 to Salaphoukhun and marching to seize power in Vientiane Capital in 1975.
The Tank type T58 made in China: The Battalion 615, Armoured Tank Corps of the Lao People’s Liberation Army, used this tank to attack enemy’s troops at the Operation of Lamson 719 which took place along the borders on the Road No.9 in Savannakhet Province against Saigon Puppet and Thai Employed Troops in 1971. Then in 1972 it was taken back to defend the Plain of Jars at Xiengkhuang Province. In 1973 it was used to attack enemy’s troops along the Road No.7 to Souy, Kasy and Vangvieng Districts.
130mm Howitzer Gun made in USSR: The Lao People’s Liberation Army received this 130mm Howitzer Gun from the former Soviet Union in 1969. The Heroic Battalion 605 under the Heroic Commander, Mr. Alok in 1969 used this 130mm Howitzer Gun to fire at enemy’s troops to support the Operation of Koukiad at the Plain of Jars, Xiengkhouang Province. In 1970, it was used by the Heroic Battalion 605 to fire at the enemy’s troops in supporting our infantry troops to liberate Boumlong and also used to destroy enemy’s Camps in the Operation of Thanongkiet, especially in 1972 battalion 605 was used with the 130mm, 122mm, Howitzer Gun and 85mm Mortar to fire to destroy Vangpao’s Military Airport at Longchaeng shooting down four US T28 Aircrafts.