Happy little Saturday!

10578429_931887213504295_1506801891_nSuk san wan sao noi
Happy little Saturday 


While Lao language has a word for Friday (wan suk) many will use the colloquialism “little Saturday [wan sao noi]” to refer to the last day of the working week, as our thoughts and motivation drift inexorably towards weekend laziness.

For bonus points of etymological weirdness, you can break down the Lao word for Friday (wan suk) into its constituent parts;
Wan (day) and suk (for ripeness or happiness).
If we follow the English “Friday” back past the old English Frīgedæg (day of Frigga [equated with Venus]) to its Latin root Veneris dies (day of Venus) we are left with a day dedicated to a god credited with beauty, sex, prosperity, fertility, and love.

Happy little Saturday, everyone!

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